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Goodmorning, today is on Saturday 2017-04-29, St. Catherine of Siena

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Europe and Mediterranean


Satellite: Hot Bird 13D @ 13,0° Est
Frequency: 11.662 MHz, Trasponder 158, DVB-S2 8PSK
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27.500 Ms/s
FEC Rate: 3/4
Broadcast Name: Padre Pio Tv
Encryption: Free to Air
Bouquet: Telespazio
Manually retune your Tv or box, or select "add channell", then search trhough the various channels until you find a signal marked as "Padre Pio Tv"
For subscribers to Sky Italia: Channel 852


 Padre Pio Tv terrestrial channel


Area Channel
Italy LCN 145


Tele Radio Padre Pio terrestrial channel

Area Channel
Puglia, Basilicata, Molise LCN 71



Satellite: Hot Bird 9 @ 13,0° Est Trasponder 70
Frequency: 12.111 MHz MHz
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27.500 Ms/s
FEC Rate: 3/4
Broadcast Name:


Encryption: Free to Air


Radio Padre Pio Radio frequencies





San Giovanni Rotondo (Fg) e zone limitrofe

99.700 Mhz

Foggia e Provincia

90.200 Mhz


104.000 Mhz

Campobasso e provincia

91.700 Mhz - 104.300

Isernia e provincia

104.300 Mhz

Pescara, Chieti e rispettive province

104.600 Mhz


104.000 Mhz

Teramo e zone limitrofe

106.400 Mhz

Bussi sul Tirino (Pe) e zone limitrofe

104.500 Mhz

Sulmona (Aq)

98.500 Mhz

Avezzano (Aq) e zone limitrofe

88.200 Mhz

Petacciato (Cb)

107.500 Mhz

Termoli (Cb)

102.000 Mhz



Thoughts of Saint Pio

Padre Pio
May the most sweet Saviour purify your heart,as He did with His servant Catherine of Siena so as to concede His most divine heart.
Firma Padre Pio


Partita IVA 03466760711 - Cod. Fisc. 94067460710