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Europe and Mediterranean


Satellite: Hot Bird 13D @ 13,0° Est
Frequency: 11.662 MHz, Trasponder 158, DVB-S2 8PSK
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27.500 Ms/s
FEC Rate: 3/4
Broadcast Name: Padre Pio Tv
Encryption: Free to Air
Bouquet: Telespazio
Manually retune your Tv or box, or select "add channell", then search trhough the various channels until you find a signal marked as "Padre Pio Tv"
For subscribers to Sky Italia: Channel 852


 Padre Pio Tv terrestrial channel


Area Channel
Italy LCN 145


Tele Radio Padre Pio terrestrial channel

Area Channel
Puglia, Basilicata, Molise LCN 71



Satellite: Hot Bird 9 @ 13,0° Est Trasponder 70
Frequency: 12.111 MHz MHz
Polarity: Vertical
Symbol Rate: 27.500 Ms/s
FEC Rate: 3/4
Broadcast Name:


Encryption: Free to Air


Radio Padre Pio Radio frequencies





San Giovanni Rotondo (Fg) e zone limitrofe

99.700 Mhz

Foggia e Provincia

90.200 Mhz


104.000 Mhz

Campobasso e provincia

91.700 Mhz - 104.300

Isernia e provincia

104.300 Mhz

Pescara, Chieti e rispettive province

104.600 Mhz


104.000 Mhz

Teramo e zone limitrofe

106.400 Mhz

Bussi sul Tirino (Pe) e zone limitrofe

104.500 Mhz

Sulmona (Aq)

98.500 Mhz

Avezzano (Aq) e zone limitrofe

88.200 Mhz

Petacciato (Cb)

107.500 Mhz

Termoli (Cb)

102.000 Mhz



Thoughts of Saint Pio

Padre Pio
I would undergo death a thousand times rather than offend the Lord knowingly.
Firma Padre Pio


Partita IVA 03466760711 - Cod. Fisc. 94067460710